Methodist Grants

Grant Applications from The Methodist Church of Great Britain

Please be aware that The Joseph Rank Trust (JRT) is not: a Methodist Church institution; a Methodist only funder;
nor is it part of the Connexion.

JRT is an independent grant-making charity which supports Methodism through the Methodist Church of Great Britain,
the Methodist Church in Ireland and other Methodist bodies. JRT made its first grant to Methodism in 1919.

Before you begin the process have you checked your project is eligible? Please refer to this web page

All applications must be submitted through Synod Secretaries to ensure District approval and/or knowledge of the application

  1. Individual Churches (including LEPs where the property is not vested in the Methodist Church) Circuits and Districts can apply.
  2. Applicants are encouraged in the first instance to view this webpage and if necessary then contact the Secretary who will be happy to have an initial conversation about the work they are doing and offer advice on the preparation of a funding application.
  3. There is no application form for JRT grants. The main elements of your project should be expressed on two pages of A4 paper - font size 11. Any further information, such as project budgets (3-year income and excenditure for revenue applications, project budgets for property applications), Gantt charts, QS plans may be attached as appendices but the two pages of A4 are critical. Suggested headings include: What you are doing, Why you are doing it, What you aspire to do differently and Who it is benefiting from your mission outreach, and how will you ensure the sustainability of the work beyond Rank funding.
  4. JRT will not consider an application until you have applied and received answers from: the church membership, church reserves, circuit model trust fund, district advance fund, TMCP, Methodist Insurance and others such as local funders and landfill operators (if applicable): for a very helpful funding guide click here
  5. Before an application for funding is considered by the Trustees it may be visited by the Secretary.
  6. If the application is for a property scheme, confirm that District consent and planning permission (or in Scotland a building warrant) has been secured.
  7. Full copies (not summary pages) of accounts as at 31.8.2023 will be required: Church accounts, Circuit accounts and District accounts.
  8. A copy of the District Mission/Development plan and the Circuit Mission/Development plan is to be submitted with the application.
  9. Applications must also include a copy of the latest District Advance Fund report and a note about the Circuit Model Trust Fund showing the current value of this fund and the future commitments made against it as at 31.8.2023.
  10. Applications must be sent in hard copy and NOT by email. Please provide a postal address, email address and telephone number (this is often missing). A covering letter is expected to accompany your submission.
  11. The Trust is not a repeat or ongoing funder at the end of the funding term.
  12. The next meeting at which Methodist applications will be considered is in October 2024.

What The Joseph Rank Trust supports

We are interested in considering funding:

  1. Family workers at Church, Circuit or District level.
  2. Youth workers at Church, Circuit or District level.
  3. Other areas of local Home Mission work. This will follow the JRT’s interpretation of what Home Mission is, which can be expressed as supporting the Church’s role within the community.
  4. Property schemes which improve the facilities for Church and Community use (we do not consider completed projects or delayed church maintenance).

In 2023 the Trust committed £55,000 to Methodist charities, £117,500 to The Methodist Church of Great Britain and £342,500 to the Methodist Church in Ireland, a total of £515,000.

(page last updated 8th July 2024)

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