Applying for grants

Making an Application

** The Trust are not accepting any applications until further notice **

Before you start your application for a grant please read the following:

1. An essential part of the application process is to fully appreciate the details given on this web page.

2. Ensure you have other sources of funding or can match any funding the Trust might provide. Audited accounts and detailed budgets will need to be submitted.

Please note that the Trustees will only consider grant applications if the Secretary submits them at the Trustees' meetings.

4. With this Trust there is no typical grant - each application is considered on its own merits. The Trust will consider funding one-off grants for capital expenditure and three-year grants for project funding / salary funding.

5. Applications are considered by the Trust upon receipt - there are no deadlines for the meetings in 2017.

6. A visit by the Secretary to your project may be necessary.

The Trustees can only consider applications from registered charities as registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales; OSCR in Scotland; and the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland. If you are an excepted or exempted charity you can apply. We do not consider appeals from individuals or from registered charities for the benefit of named individuals. Grants cannot be paid to umbrella bodies or to third parties.

Please note there is no application form.
Applications must be sent in hard copy and NOT by email.

On-going commitments, combined with the fact that the Trustees are taking an increasingly active role in identifying projects to support, means that uncommitted funds are limited and it is not always possible to make grants in response to unsolicited appeals.

If you consider your work might fall within the Trust's grant-making policy, click here on areas of interest to double-check

Applicants must set out the essential details of a project on two sides of A4 paper (no more). These two pages of A4 are critical and must express what you are doing, why you are doing it and who it is benefiting, with detailed information such as project budgets being presented in the form of appendices, i.e. in addition to your 2 x A4.

Please do not place photographs in your 2 sides of A4 - they will only photocopy black and add no value.

The Trustees wish to learn about the Christian mission in your project and how it will benefit those in the local community.

Do not submit a "laundry list" of areas of activity - your application must be focused on a specific area of work.

The principle of matched funding (not applicable for capital grants) is very much part of any application - if in any doubt what this means please contact the Secretary.

Please note the Trust is not a repeat or ongoing funder at the end of the funding term.

The following information is required in your 2 x A4:

1. Charity name and charity registration number;
2. A detailed description of the project for which funding is sought;
3. A brief summary of budget and costings of the project (for salary / core costs a three year budget);
4. Details of the amount already raised towards the target;
5. Full details of grant applications made to other external funders;
6. Details of the amount committed from your own resources;
7. Contact person, with postal address, email address and telephone number.

You must enclose a copy of your most recent monthly management accounts and a copy of your most recent audited annual report and accounts (a full set, not just a selection of summary pages).

If you are a Methodist Church applying for funding, in addition to the requirements shown in points 1-7 above, click here for further information.

In 2017 the Trustees will be meeting in October. Visits to appeals may be made by the Secretary and Trustees.

All appeals are treated on a "first come, first served" basis and will be acknowledged when they have been assessed (this is not always within the first 24 hours). Applicants will be advised that if they do not receive a reply by a specified date it has not been possible for the Trustees to make a grant.

(page updated 22 July 2017)

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